Cathy Goldstein, MD, MS

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center

    Dr. Goldstein is faculty in the Sleep Disorders Center where she evaluates and treats patients with various conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders.

    Dr. Goldstein completed her sleep medicine fellowship at Northwestern University and has practiced sleep medicine since 2010, both in the community and, for the last six years, at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center where she is currently an Associate Professor of Neurology.

    Her research interests include the interface of sleep disruption with health conditions such as infertility and gastrointestinal disease. She also does work in the development of methods to assess sleep and circadian rhythms in the ambulatory, day-to-day setting. Her current research focus, through work with the mathematics department, is the improvement of ambulatory sleep tracking via algorithm development and validation using raw data from the Apple Watch. Additionally, she collaborates with gastrointestinal and reproductive endocrinology specialists, to evaluate the role of sleep quality and duration in other conditions.

    Dr.Goldstein has a passion for education that spans colleagues, trainees, patients and the public. Her educational roles have included University of Michigan athletes, athletic trainers, and coaches and medical school faculty and house officers. She has helped to spread sleep health and wellness to the general public through pieces in numerous media outlets. In addition to her clinical work, she holds various leadership roles including Associate Editor for the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Circadian Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorders Section Editor of UpToDate, and committee work through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.