Ken Hunt, MD

Associate Professor, Chief of Foot and Ankle; The University of Colorado School of Medicine

    Kenneth J. Hunt, MD is Associate Professor and Chief of Foot and Ankle at The University of Colorado School of Medicine. He came to CU in October 2015 from Stanford University. Dr. Hunt is a board certified, fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist with a clinical practice focused on sports injuries to the foot and ankle and correction of foot and ankle arthritis and deformities. He is team physician for University of Colorado Football and the Denver Nuggets, and serves as a consultant for several collegiate and professional sports teams. He is actively involved in the care of ankle injuries in collegiate and professional athletes. Dr. Hunt is also the chairman of the Managerial Board of the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Outcomes Research Network (OFAR), a national effort toward standardizing patient outcomes assessment and optimizing orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery.