Patrick Dixon, MA, MBA, PES, CES

Director of Applied Science, Momentous

    Dixon began his career in exercise science at the University of Connecticut while pursuing a Master’s Degree and also working in athletics as a strength and conditioning coach. Previous publications, online and in print, have focused on athlete development with a focus on improving power production and performance. He spent 18 years working with college athletes at UConn, Cal-Berkeley, St John’s University and Loyola Marymount University with a focus on improving performance and decreasing incidence of injury. While working with athletes, Dixon’s efforts helped shape multiple NCAA tournament appearances and Sweet Sixteen finishes in Women’s Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball.

    While coaching, Dixon was a consultant and advisor to multiple biotechnology companies (Fitgenetix, Dyve Biosciences, Masimo Medical Technology). Efforts focused on developing products that better support physiological development and improve objective feedback leading to more efficient training protocols. Since leaving collegiate athletics, his work with Momentous has been focused on improving adaptation to training through nutrient intervention, specifically focused on bioavailability and timing of nutrient administration.