Conference Background and Mission

The Pac 12 Student-Athlete Health Conference (SAHC) is a comprehensive educational and business meeting aimed at collaboration amongst the sports medicine teams and growth within the Pac 12 conference. The meeting functions to provide the Pac 12 Conference with expert opinion and advice on all issues related to the health and safety of its student‐athletes, and to provide a forum for education, research and cooperation for its sports medicine members.

The meeting has expanded to approximately 150 attendees from around the conference. These include the Head Team Physicians for Orthopedics and Family Medicine, Head Athletic Trainers, Senior Women’s Athletic Trainers, Head Football Athletic Trainers, Sports Dietitians, Mental Health Professionals, Athletic Directors, and Faculty Athletic Representatives. In addition, there will be research teams presenting projects from across the Pac-12 and administrators from the Pac-12 office.

For more information on the Pac 12 Health and Well Being Initiative, click here

Grant Awarded Research Projects

PI: Dr. George Brooks
Co-PI: Dr. Daniela Kaufer
University of California, Berkeley
PI: Dr. Michael Hahn
Co-PIs: Dr. Scott Delp, Dr. Rodger Kram, Dr. Alena Grabowski, Dr. Jill McNitt-Gray, Dr. Lorraine Turcotte, Dr. Brent Liu, Dr. Kormelia Kulig
University of Oregon collaborating with University of Colorado, University of Southern California & Stanford University
PI: Dr. Christopher Kweon
Co-PIs: Dr. Albert Gee & Dr. Scott Telfer
University of Washington
PI: Dr. Doug Aukerman and the Pac-12 Brain Trauma Task Force
The Pac-12 Concussion Coordinating Unit – Project Director: Dr. Matthew McQueen, Co-PI: Dr. Theresa Hernandez
PI: Dr. Matthew McQueen
Co-PIs: Dr. Theresa Hernandez, Dr. William Byrnes & Dr. Ken Wright
University of Colorado
PIs: Dr. Kim Harmon & Dr. Emily Kroshus
Co-PIs: Dr. Sara Chrisman (UW) & Dr. Ann Glang (UO)
University of Washington collaborating with University of Oregon
PI: Dr. Michael Fredericson
Co-PI: Dr. Aurelia Nattiv (UCLA)
Stanford University collaborating with University of California, Los Angeles
PI: Dr. Kim Harmon
Co-PIs: Dr. Jonathan Drezner, Dr. David Owens & Dr. Jordan Prutkin
University of Washington collaborating with all Pac-12 schools
PI: Dr. Craig Heller
Co-PI: Dr. Dennis Grahn
Stanford University
PI: Dr. Deborah Yurgelun-Tood
Co-PIs: Dr. Charlie Hicks-Little, Dr. Perry Renshaw, Dr. Erin McGlade & Dr. Andrew Prescot
University of Utah
PI: Dr. Marc Norcross
Co-PIs: Dr. Samuel Johnson & Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg
Oregon State University





Invited Speakers for 2018

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NCAA Chief Medical Officer

Senior vice president; chief medical officer Brian Hainline, M.D., is the first chief medical officer of the NCAA and over

Woodie Dixon

Pac-12 General Counsel, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs

Woodie H. Dixon, Jr. is the General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Business Affairs for the Pac-12 Conference.[1] 

    Robert Butler, PhD, DPT

    Director of Performance, St. Louis Cardinals

    Dr. Butler is beginning his third season in Major League Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. As the Director of Performanc

      Cristina Fink, PhD

      Sport Pyschologist, HP Sports/Philadelphia Union

      Cristina Fink, PhD, is a highly experienced sport psychologist with over 25 years of experience in teaching, counseling and s

        Anthony Kontos, PhD

        Associate Professor Research Director, Sports Medicine Concussion Program

        Dr. Kontos is Director of Research for the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program and Associate Professor in the Department

          Johnny Owens, MPT

          Director of Clinical Education for Owens Recovery Science Inc.

          Johnny Owens is former Chief of Human Performance Optimization at the Center for the Intrepid (CFI), which is part of the SAM

            Meeryo Choe, MD

            Neurologist, Specialized in Sports Concussion and TBI

            Dr. Choe grew up in the Los Angeles area, traveled east to attend Amherst College, and then returned to L.A. to attend medica

              Cheri D. Mah, M.S.

              Center for Excellence in the Field of Sleep Medicine

              Cheri D. Mah, M.S., is a Research Fellow at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Human Performance Center and UC

                Kristofer Jones, MD

                Orthopedic Team Physician, UCLA

                Dr. Kristofer J. Jones is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports-related musculo

                  Stephen Aoki, MD

                  Orthopedic Team Physician, University of Utah

                  Dr. Stephen K. Aoki, Associate Professor, specializes in hip and knee sports medicine. His clinical practice and research foc

                    Randy Cohen, ATC, DPT

                    Associate Athletic Director for Medical Services, University of Arizona

                    Randy Cohen is the Associate Athletics Director for Medical Services at the University of Arizona. He has been at Arizona sin

                      Chris Giza, MD

                      Neurologist and TBI Director, UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program

                      Christopher Giza graduated from Dartmouth College, received his M.D. from West Virginia University and completed his training

                        Duncan Simpson, PhD


                        Dr. Duncan Simpson serves as the Assistant Head of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. Previously Dr. Simps

                          Amy Athey, PhD

                          Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology Services, University of Arizona

                          Dr. Amy Athey is the Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology Services for the University of Arizona Department of Athletics

                            Becci Twombley, RD

                            Sports Dietitian, USC

                            Becci is a Veteran Sports Dietitian with 10 plus years in the field of Collegiate Athletics.  She is a founding Board Member

                              Ema Thake, MS, RD, CSSD

                              Director of Sports Nutrition, UW

                              Entering her third year as the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Washington and the Seattle Reign. She earned

                                Jeremy Vail, PT, ATC

                                Director of Rehabilitation, UCLA Sports Medicine

                                Jeremy Vail is the Rehabilitation Director for UCLA Sports Medicine and has been a Licensed Physical Therapist/Athletic Train

                                  Michael Amick

                                  Former Student-Athlete, UCLA

                                  Michael Amick grew up in Sunnyvale, California before moving to Los Angeles in 2013 to attend UCLA. In college, he played fou

                                    Daniel Vigil, MD

                                    Associate Head Team Physician, UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

                                    Dr. Vigil is a Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery and serves as Chief of

                                      Jill McVey, PT, ATC

                                      (Puget Sound) FAI Rehab

                                      Jill is a physical therapist at Movement Systems PT in Seattle, WA, and an athletic trainer at the University of Puget Sound

                                        Stacy Michael-Miller

                                        USA Swimming

                                        Stacy Michael-Miller started at USA Swimming in July of 2000 as the Doping Control Administrative Assistant and is currently

                                          F. David Coleman

                                          Vice President of Officiating, Pac-12 Conference

                                          David Coleman is from Cleveland, Ohio. Upon graduation from Hawken School, David received a congressional appointment to the

                                            Kristin M. Nord, MD

                                            Clinical Professor, Dermatology Stanford

                                            Dr. Kristin Nord is a Clinical Professor and Dermatology Residency Program Director at Stanford. Kristin works at the Vetera

                                              Barry Willer PhD

                                              University at Buffalo

                                              Barry Willer has a PhD in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada. He has been a Professor in the Department of P


                                                Our 3-Day Agenda of Conference Events

                                                8:00 AM
                                                Student-Athlete Health and Well Being Board Meeting - Starvine 3
                                                12:00 PM
                                                LUNCH - Five50 Pizza Bar

                                                Continuation of morning board meeting to complete agenda items.  Max duration – 2hrs

                                                • Brain Trauma Task Force — Aria Starvine 4
                                                • Grant Review Committee — Aria Starvine 6
                                                • SIRMAP Campus Administrators/PCCU — Aria Starvine 5
                                                • Mental Health Task Force — Aria Starvine 3

                                                Select Vendor Presentations (ATs Only)

                                                Athletic Trainers Only
                                                8:00 PM
                                                Welcome Reception at "The Pub"
                                                6:45-7:45 AM
                                                Registration/Breakfast in Sponsor Lounge - Aria Juniper 2 & 3

                                                7:45 am Welcome

                                                7:50 am Woodie Dixon: Pac 12 State of the Union Address

                                                8:00 am Keynote Speaker: Brian Hainline, MD, NCAA Chief Medical Officer

                                                DR. BRIAN HAINLINE

                                                Student-Athlete Health and Well Being Board – Kim Harmon, MD (UW)

                                                Brain Trauma Task Force – Doug Aukerman, MD (OSU)

                                                Grant Committee – Dan Nordquist (WSU), Lynn Fister MA, CPA (Pac 12)

                                                SIRMAP Project – Kevin Robell (Pac 12)

                                                9:05 am “Health and Wellness: Assessing Student-Athlete Health and Performance” Matthew McQueen, ScD (CU)

                                                9:15 am “Overuse Injuries/Injury Prevention: A Prospective Study to Improve Bone Health” Aurelia Nattiv, MD (UCLA), Michael Fredericson, MD (Stanford)

                                                9:25 am “Overuse Injuries/Injury Prevention: Integration of Biomechanics-based Informatics for Prevention of Stress Fractures” Mike Hahn, PhD (UO)

                                                9:30 am “Injury Prevention: Simple Motion Capture Technology for Readiness of Return to Sport Assessment and Injury Risk Prediction” Christopher Kweon, MD (UW) Albert Gee, MD (UW)

                                                9:45 am “Thermal Management for Athletes: Problems and Opportunities” Craig Heller, PhD (Stan)

                                                9:55am “Cardiovascular Screening in the Pac 12 Conference: Establishing Best Practices” Kim Harmon, MD (UW)

                                                Moderator: DAN NORDQUIST (WSU)
                                                10:05 AM
                                                BREAK in Sponsor Lounge - Aria Juniper 2 & 3

                                                10:20 am “Bridging the Gap: An Analysis of Meeting Relational Challenges of Inter-generational Populations” Duncan Simpson, PhD (IMG Academy)

                                                10:40 am “Sleep and Mental Health in Student Athletes” Amy Athey, PhD (UA)

                                                11:00 am “Sleep Essentials for Optimizing Performance in Elite Athletes” Cheri Mah (UCSF)

                                                11:20 am “Performance Psychology: Helping Athletes Return From Injury” Christina Fink, PhD (HP Sports/Philadelphia Union)

                                                11:50 pm“Student-Athlete Presentation on Mental Health Programming” Michael Amick (UCLA)

                                                Moderator: Tandi Hawkey MA, ATC (UCLA)

                                                12:20pm  “Mental Health and Head Trauma: Brain Health in Male and Female Basketball Players at the University of Utah” Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD, (Utah) Charlie Hicks-Little, PhD (Utah)

                                                Moderator: Tandi Hawkey MA, ATC (UCLA)
                                                12:25 PM
                                                LUNCH in Sponsor Lounge - Aria Juniper 2&3

                                                1:30pm VICIS Presentation, Dr. Sam Browd

                                                1:40pm “Targeting in Football” David Coleman, Head of Pac 12 Officiating

                                                2:00pm “Understanding Concussion Pathobiology: Balancing Risk and Benefit” Christopher Giza, MD (UCLA)

                                                2:20pm “What is the Role of Sex in Sports-Related Concussion?” Meeryo Choe, MD (UCLA)

                                                2:40 pm “Concussion Clinical Profiles: Emerging Evidence” Anthony Kontos, PhD (Pitt)

                                                3:00 pm “Treatment of Concussion with Sub Threshold Exercise” Barry Willer, PhD (U of Buffalo)


                                                Moderator: Tandi Hawkey MA, ATC (UCLA)
                                                3:40 PM
                                                BREAK in Sponsor Lounge - Aria Juniper 2 & 3

                                                3:55 pm “Concussion Management – Starting the Day After the Mechanism” Randy Cohen, ATC (UA)

                                                4:15 pm “Supplements for Return to Play/Injury Protocols” Becci Twombley, RD (USC)


                                                Moderator: Tandi Hawkey MA, ATC (UCLA)

                                                4:35 pm “Head Trauma: Roles of Nutritive Support and Supplementation” Ryan Cobb (Cal) In Place of Dr. Brooks

                                                4:4o pm “Pac 12 and NCAA Collaboration-CARE (Concussion Assessment, Research & Education) Consortium Data Collection: Establishing a Research Infrastructure and Framework” & Pac 12 Equipment Grant Implementation  Doug Aukerman, MD (OSU) Matthew McQueen, ScD (CU) Theresa Hernandez (CU) Adam Bohr (CU)

                                                4:55 pm “Pac 12 Student-Athlete Project on Developing Coach Education” Emily Kroshus, ScD (UW) Sara Chrisman, MD (UW)


                                                Moderator: Lynn Fister
                                                • Orthopedic Physicians – Aria Starvine 3
                                                • Primary Care/Sports Medicine Physicians – Aria Starvine 4
                                                • Athletic Trainers – Aria Juniper 1
                                                • Mental Health Professionals – Aria Starvine 6
                                                • Dietitians – Aria Starvine 5

                                                Orthopedic/Athletic Training Moderator:

                                                Primary Care/Mental Health/Dietitian Moderator:

                                                SIRMAP/CAP Moderator:

                                                5:45 PM
                                                Vendor Open House in Sponsor Lounge (90 min) - Aria Juniper 2 & 3
                                                7:30 PM
                                                6:45-7:45 AM
                                                Registration/Breakfast in Sponsor Lounge - Aria Juniper 2 & 3

                                                7:45 am “Air Quality and Event Management” Sunday Henry, MD (WSU)

                                                8:05 am “Mental Health: Screening Student-Athletes” Kelli Moran-Miller , PhD (Stanford); Kate Geiger, PhD (WSU)

                                                8:20 am “Management of a Student-Athlete Death” Christopher Bader, PhD (CU); Fernando Frias, PhD (OSU); Kate Geiger, PhD (WSU)

                                                Moderator: Tandi Hawkey, MA, ATC (UCLA)
                                                Aria Starvine 3 Aria Starvine 4 Aria Juniper 1
                                                8:35am “Food Tracking and Technology: Benefits and Pitfalls” Lauren Papanos, RD (UCLA) “Diagnostic Ultrasound vs MRI for Soft Tissue Imaging and RTP Decisions” Daniel Vigil, MD (UCLA) Jeremy Vail, PT, ATC (UCLA) “Femoral Acetabular Impingement in Collegiate Athletes” Steven Aoki, MD (Utah)
                                                9:05am “Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and Current Uses” Ema Thake, RD (UW) “Current Approaches to Cartilage Repair and Restoration in High Demand Athletes”  Kris Jones, MD (UCLA) “Femoral Acetabular Impingement: Evidence Based Rehabilitation” Jill McVey PT, ATC (Puget Sound)
                                                9:35am “USADA Drug Education” Stacy Michael Miller (USA Swimming) “Mental Health De-stigmatization: Challenges, Strategies & Successes” Jonathan Ravarino, PhD (UU); David Mikula, PhD (UO); Kelli Moran-Miller, PhD (Stanford); Melinda Kirshner, PhD (UCLA); Fernando Frias, PhD (OSU)


                                                “Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation: Mechanisms and Clinical Application” Johnny Owens (Owens Institute)


                                                10:05am “SUNSPORT: Protecting the Long-term Skin Health of NCAA Athletes” Kristin Nord, MD (STAN) “Suicide Prevention & Risk Management” Amy Athey, PhD (UA); Cassie Pasquariello, PhD (UW)



                                                10:35 AM
                                                “Rehabilitation Following Injury – A Movement Criterion Approach” Robert Butler PT, DPT, PhD (St. Louis Cardinals) - Juniper 1
                                                • Orthopedic Physicians – Aria Starvine 3
                                                • Primary Care/Sports Medicine Physicians – Aria Starvine 4
                                                • Athletic Trainers – Aria Juniper 1
                                                • Mental Health Professionals – Aria Starvine 6
                                                • Dietitians – Aria Starvine 5


                                                • Orthopedic Physicians
                                                • Primary Care/Sports Medicine Physicians
                                                • Athletic Trainers
                                                • Mental Health Professionals
                                                • Dietitians

                                                Adjourn Conference – 12:00pm

                                                12:00 PM

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                                                Committee Members

                                                Pac 12 Student Athlete Health Conference Planning Committee

                                                TANDI HAWKEY, MA, ATC

                                                Associate Athletic Trainer, UCLA (Co-Chair)

                                                Tandi Hawkey has been practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer since 2002. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from

                                                MIGUEL RUEDA, MS, ATC

                                                Associate AD/Health & Performance, Colorado (Co-Chair)

                                                Miguel Rueda is in 12th year in the CU athletic department, his third as the associate athletic director for health and perfo

                                                Laura Dixon, MS, ATC

                                                Assistant Athletic Director - Sports Medicine

                                                Laura joined the Sports Medicine staff in 2011. She comes to Cal mostly recently from Saint Mary’s College where she worked

                                                  Albert O. Gee M.D.

                                                  Team Physician, Orthopedist Washington

                                                  Albert O. Gee, M.D., is a sports medicine surgeon specializing in the care of the injured athlete. He attended medical sch

                                                    Kim Harmon, MD

                                                    Associate Team Physician, FB Washington

                                                    Dr. Harmon is the Chair of the Pac-12 Student Athlete Health and Well-Being Board and the Head Football Physician at the Univ

                                                      Ema Thake, MS, RD, CSSD

                                                      Director of Sports Nutrition, UW

                                                      Entering her third year as the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Washington and the Seattle Reign. She earned

                                                        SUNDAY HENRY, MD

                                                        Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Director of Athletic Medicine WSU

                                                        Sunday Henry is originally from Nezperce, Idaho. She received her Bachelor of Science from University of Idaho and her Medi

                                                        CHRIS BADER, PhD

                                                        Counseling & Sport Psychologist, University of Colorado

                                                        Dr. Christopher (Chris) Bader is entering his sixth year as the counseling and sport psychologist for the University of Color

                                                        ARIA Resort & Casino

                                                        • 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd
                                                          Las Vegas, NV 89158
                                                        • (702) 590-7111
                                                        • 7:30 - 22:00